How to get your business started on Facebook

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May 8, 2019
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May 8, 2019
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How to get your business started on Facebook

f all the marketing speak around engagement, reach and targeting on Facebook makes you feel a little dizzy, don’t worry because you’re most certainly not alone.

However, with more than 25 million small and medium sized businesses investing in a Facebook presence, well, there must be something in it, right?

It is well worth pushing past your fear and, at the very least, becoming au fait with the basics of Facebook because, if you get the hang of it, a well-run Facebook page could make a significant difference to your business’ bottom line, your online marketing and, of course, your customer engagement.

So, here are five easy steps to help you kick off your business’ Facebook presence.

  1. Create a Facebook business page
    You’ll need to create a personal Facebook account before establishing a business page, but once you’ve done this, creating your business account is simple. Just select ‘PAGES’ from the left-hand side of your Home feed and the page below will appear. Choose one option.

Watermelon Media – Setting up Facebook for business

Facebook will then prompt you through the setup process and you can begin tailoring your new page.

By selecting a customised URL such as, your business’ new Facebook page will be easier to find and display on marketing material such as business cards.

Complete the About section and begin telling your brand’s story, remembering to add a suitable display pic (such as your logo) and an eye-catching Timeline cover photo such as the one below.

Watermelon Media – Facebook for your business

  1. Build your audience
    Start by encouraging your existing clientele to like your page.

If you have a physical business premise, display a poster inviting people to like you on Facebook.

By visiting your existing personal Facebook account, you will be able to invite your friends to like your new page, too.

Now you’re on a roll! You can also upload email lists through the Build Audience tab at the top of the Admin Panel. Just follow prompts.Watermelon Media – Setting up a business page on Facebook

  1. Offer valuable/interesting content
    Think about who your customers are and what they want.

What inspires them? What gets them talking? This is what you need to fill your new Facebook business page with.

Trial a variety of post types to see what works. Try images, quotes, questions, links, surveys, giveaways. Don’t be afraid to drop in something a little fun, timely or humorous from time to time. It shows that there are humans behind your brand.

With so much information available on the web, people want content that is relevant, useful or interesting to them.

Ask yourself before posting something, “Would I find this post interesting?” and “Would I click this link if it appeared in my NewsFeed?”

If the answer is ‘no’, there’s a good chance your audience won’t be inspired either, so try something else.

Watermelon Media – Social Media and posting

  1. Experiment with advertising
    Once you’ve exhausted ever-supportive friends and family, start thinking about how you’ll reach people who don’t yet know they need your business.

You can expand the reach of your posts by promoting your new Facebook page. Do this by using targeted Facebook ads.

These can be created directly from the Admin Panel of your page and offer a range of targeting options including location, age, gender and interests.

Watermelon Media – Setting up Facebook advertising

  1. Measure your success
    If you’re going to invest money into growing your Facebook community, you want to know what’s working so you can replicate these actions in the future.

Page Insights allow you to take a deeper look into the demographics responding to your content and promotions. Noticed an increase in likes from posting on Monday mornings at 8am? Keep it up! This is when your target audience is most active and responsive to your content, so it makes sense to talk to them when they’re listening!

Facebook, like all social media platforms, is continually evolving and changing to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

This post gives you the keys to start the Facebook engine, but now it’s time to learn how to drive.

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